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    What other organizations do you work with?* (Municipal shelters, fosters, rescues, vets, kennels, transports, etc)

    Animal Care

    How do you house your animals? (Shelter, rescue, foster homes, etc.)*

    At full capacity you can care for how many dogs?*

    At full capacity you can care for how many cats?*

    At full capacity you can care for how many other kinds of animals?*

    What is the average length of stay for your animals?*

    What is the average cost per day for your animals?*

    How do you clean/disinfect the product(s) that you use?*

    Name of your shelter manager?*

    Does your group currently use Pet Food?*

    If you are currently using Pet Food, how long have you been using them & what is your requirements?

    What do you like and/or dislike about current brand?*

    Your Community

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    How do you Adopt Out? (Direct, adoption days, rescues, fosters, etc.)*

    How do you list adoptable pets? (Instagram , Facebook etc )*

    How do you track animals in your care? (spreadsheets, etc.)*

    Who are your hardest-to-adopt animals and why?*

    What are your top three priorities for the next 12 months?* Increase AdoptionsManaged IntakeStaffingCommunity OutreachLength of StayTransportFacility ManagementLive Release RateEnrichment (beds, toys, etc.)FundrasingPartnerships (local vets, trainers)Volunteer SupportDeveloping Foster/Rescue Network

    What support does your organization need most?*

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