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The journey of life is sweet when traveled with our four-legged companions. As a pet parent we cherish their company, their unconditional love and their patience as they travel with us through thick and thins of life. Being an integral part of our lives, they are family and deserves the best.

“We all know a healthy outside begins from a healthy inside “
Good healthy food ensures a Healthy & Happy family.

Bruno’s wild essentials® – A Family-run altruistic venture, dedicated to develop products that are a blend of healthy & nutritious food enriched with ingredients that are internationally recommended and Expertly made with our reliable partners around the globe, to maintain optimal health and wellness of our beloved pets to savour.

we ensure to make each pack of food a sumptuous delight for our doting four-legged family, each piece enhances their ecstasy and zest to match that Frisbee in the air or that Ball on the ground. Available for all ages, to make them grow strong and become even more Pawsome!!! Our Recipes will support their Mind, Body and Spirit!

We dedicate Our Products to our boy Bruno,an integral part of our family.

Made with Love for the Love of Pets
Mathi & Saranya
Bruno’s wild essentials®


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